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COVID-19 Response Services

Nova’s team of Certified Industrial Hygienists (CIHs), Certified Safety Professionals (CSPs), and educated professionals have a variety of experience addressing similar situations and are prepared to provide the technical information necessary for appropriate risk assessment and response during this pandemic.

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Nova's Response Services Include: 

Development of Client Specific Cleaning and Disinfection Protocols

Recommendations of Appropriate PPE

Evaluation of Selected Disinfectants

Selection of Contractors to Complete Cleaning and Disinfection Services

On-Site Hygienist Oversight

Sampling to Verify Effectiveness of Cleaning

Response Plans & Cleaning Efficacy Services

Nova Group, GBC (Nova) can provide critical support to your company’s COVID-19 response planning and execution. Our national team of industrial hygienists will provide the technical expertise necessary to assist you through the planning, execution, and documentation of your response efforts. Nova understands the financial and operational impacts that response planning decisions can have on your business. Nova’s goal is to provide you fundamentally sound information so that you can make informed decisions that are suited to your individual needs. We will work together to implement the planned response and document the process allowing you to protect the health of your employees, customers, and their families.

Nova professionals will work with you to identify critical Touch Point surfaces that come in contact with building occupants and visitors at your facility. This provides the foundation for response planning.

A site-specific Cleaning and Disinfection protocol can then be developed to direct janitorial staff and professional contractors. Protocols will be developed following CDC, WHO, OSHA, and AIHA guidelines and include specific work practices, engineering controls, personal protective equipment, suitable EPA registered cleaners, and hospital grade disinfectants. Protocols are developed with Clients’ needs first and foremost.

*The CDC recommends that a hygienist be present to verify the thoroughness and effectiveness of the disinfection process.*

Nova’s hygienist will be on-site through the duration of cleaning activities to verify contractor compliance with the cleaning and disinfection plan. The hygienist will verify that the disinfectant products used at the site conform with CDC Guidelines, verify product-specific contact times are followed, and that all surfaces are cleaned thoroughly. Proxy sampling can be completed to confirm cleaning efficacy. A post disinfection report will be provided to document disinfection activities were completed in accordance with CDC Guidelines and the Client specific work plan.

Nova will work with our Clients to develop a work plan that specifically meets their individual needs and provides our Clients with the assurance that an effective disinfection project can be accomplished at their locations along with providing laboratory reports to have empirical data to back it up.

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Paul Johnson, CIH | SVP, Director of Operations | Email | 952-212-6994

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